20 September 2011

Mid Week Lunch

I have heaps to do....

Uni assignment due Friday
Study for upcoming exams
Go to work
Be the mum of the house with Mother Jewel is away
(aka clean cook wash!)

Usually you would start at the top of the list
And work your way through what is needing to be done...

So naturally what do I do?
Fluff around in the kitchen & 
Make a delicious & nutritious lunch!

Sweet potato crisps with Moroccan seasoned ricotta
Cherry tomarto & Bean sprout medaly salad

These crisps are so yummy
And actually not that bad for you either....

Sweet Potato Crisps
 Sweet Potato, peeled
Oil Spray

Once the sweet potatoes are peeled, discard the skin & continue to 'peel' the remaining flesh- so you should get thin strips of sweet potato. Spray a baking tray with some oil, spread the strips on the tray & sprinkle with some salt. Pop in a moderate (180 degree) oven for about 20 mins or until crisp.

Serve straight from the oven with an extra sprinkle of salt....Yum!

Idea: If you feel like being a bit tricky, sprinkle on some dried herbs or spices before you pop the strips into the oven.

10 September 2011

My Beautiful Terrine

I've always wanted to have a go at making a terrine..

And my opportunity to have a go came along with 
the new food magazine SBS has put out- Feast!

A delightful Chicken & Cashew Terrine.

(the recipe from the mag was pistachio but I
forgot to get some-woops)

I totally recommend this recipe
And the magazine mind you
Both are just fabulous!

04 September 2011

Pink Rainbow Cake

I spotted this darling little cake
when idling through cooking blogs on the web.
It was just so adorable I had to have a go...

It just so coincided my dear friend was celebrating her birthday
So a great excuse to bake it!

There was a bit of excitement in the room
(after the candles had been blown out)
To see 'if' the pink layers had actually worked!

I must say there was a big sigh of relief on my behalf to 
see the pretty tones of pink in the cake
And with the delicious taste...
Happy Days :)

Happy Birthday Lisa!
 Pink Rainbow Cake