26 January 2011

Australia Day!

All us Aussies enjoy the festivities of Australia Day...

Surf, Sun, Sand...and that's just at the beach!
Friends, family, the triple J hottest 100

So supplement all those fab things with a true Aussie favourite...

A pie with mushy peas!

2kg Beef Chuck Steak
2 Onions finely diced
3 Cloved Garlic crushed
2 Beef Stock cubes
Gravox Gravy Powder

Chop up the meat into small pieces, it doesn’t have to look pretty, just make sure they are all around the same size. Pop the meat with the onions, garlic & a splash of oil into a pot & cook until the meat is browned.  Crumble in the stock cubes & cover with enough water to just submerge the meat. Cook on a low heat for about 1-1 ½ hrs. Keep an eye on the pot just to make sure that the meat doesn’t catch.  When the meat is tender, you may need to thicken the liquid around the meat so add a few spoons of gravox ( if you need it) & cook for a further 10mins. Have a taste & season if needed.

Pastry Cases
185g chilled butter
2 ¾ cups Plain Flour
1 Egg Yoke
Iced Water

Process the butter & flour until it resembles bread crumbs. Add the yoke & splash the water in until the dough becomes a ball in the food processor. Refrigerate for 30mins then roll out, cut out little circles to fit in to a cupcake tin, mold the circles into the holes & bake in a moderate oven (180 degrees- pre warmed) for about 20mins or until golden.

Mushy Peas
1kg Frozen Peas
80g Butter
Handful Mint

Cook the peas, then whack them along with the butter, mint & a pinch of salt into a food processor & whiz until smooth, have a taste & add more salt, butter or mint if needed.

Puff Pastry

All you need to do for the lids is cut out circles that fit onto the pastry cases. Pop in a oven preheated to 180 degrees and cook until golden.

To assemble the pies, poop the hot meat into the cases, top with mushy peas & a lid & Enjoy! x