03 July 2011

Ahhhh Argentinian Glory

Dulce De Leche...
Spanish for "Candy of Milk"

...My translation...
"A little can of Heaven"

...Jen Zahra's translation...
(which I like the best)

"Ahhhh Argentinian Glory!"

I mentioned in the previous post that the halloumi recipe was really easy...
Well this one is even easier, 
And it only requires 1 ingredient! 
A can of condensed milk.
Perfect for when your moving house & the majority of cupboard items including pots & pan have been packed!

What to do....
Pop the can of unopened condensed milk in a large saucepan with a lid (this was the only pan that had not been packed!) & cover with water. Bring to the simmer over a medium  heat then reduce the heat to low. Pop the lid on & cook for 3 (yes three!) hours. Be careful with this, best to keep the pan covered as the can could burst.  Turn the heat off & allow to cool completely in the water before opening the can.

This 'Argentinian Glory' is edible straight out of the tin...
but even better when added to other delectable delights.
I made some little butter cookies with pepitas & popped the Dulce De Leche in the middle,

They where quite popular.