18 October 2011

Birthday Cakes

"Would You Like Fries With That?"

Bun: Moist Butter Cake with Butter Cream Icing
and 'Rice Bubble' sesame seeds
Lettuce: Green Fondant
Meat Pattie: Rich Chocolate Mud with Chocolate Ganache & Crushed Biscuit Crumb
Cheese: Lemon & Coconut Jelly
Tomartoes: Coloured White Chocolate
Onion Rings: Piped White Chocolate

Chips: Apple Juice cooked Polenta

"Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover!"
 Looks simple from the outside but take a slice & see whats in store...

Rich Chocolate Mud covered with Chocolate Ganache & crushed Macarons
Inside: Strawberries & Cream Panna Cotta Layers