13 August 2012

Sydney Pastry Club!

The name says it all……
‘Pastry Club’
Oh happy days! What more could a sugar head like myself want!

I was very fortunate to be invited along to the Sydney Pastry Club by The Bather’s Pavillion’s executive pastry chef Anna Polyviou to enjoy an afternoon full of sampling delicious ‘Cheese inspired’ desserts and chatting about all things pastry.
The Sydney Pastry Club is all about “creativity, sharing and generosity. The idea is to get Pastry chefs together to revisit dessert themes….gateaux Opera, the Baba, the Black forest.”
At each gathering each chef brings along their masterpiece to be tasted by other chefs….
What a great idea! For me it was so nice to meet such lovely people who are so dedicated to all things sweet!

The afternoon started with a guided taste test by Dom from Australia on a Plate who took us through tasting some of the world’s most delicious cheeses and Steve from San Pelligrino who matched sparkling and flavoured waters to the dishes presented.

 Then dessert!!

(These as just a few..)

Julien Pouteau & Tamas Pamer from Intercontinental Hotel's creation..

 Jean Michel from Baroque

Lux Bite's Blue Cheese & Fig tart

Fabien from the Park Hyatt Sydney and his truffle creation.

Bathers Pavilion signature cheese course, created by Anna Polyviou and her rocking crazy team

Samuel Yeo's Japanese style baked truffled goat's cheesecake with umeboshi and oat 


Yves from the Casino Sokyo

 Some pretty incredible and inspired dishes!

Finally my dish was plated…

Spiced honey mascarpone panna cotta with blistered grapes, toffeed walnuts, walnut crumb and goat’s cheese ice cream.

My favourite part would have to be the panna cotta..so smooth in texture and flavourful from all the spices with just a touch of sweetness from the honey…delicious!
So….I’m going to share this little recipe with you J

Spiced Honey & Mascarpone Panna Cotta
4 Gold strength gelatine leaves
350mL thickened cream
300mL milk
70g honey
80g sugar
400g mascarpone
2 sticks cinnamon
3 cardamon pods
2 cloves
1 vanilla bean

Pop the gelatine ins some iced water until it has softened.  Squeeze out the water then place in a small bowl until ready to use.
In a pot, pop the cream, milk, honey, sugar, cinnamon, cardamon, cloves and vanilla bean and bring to a simmer. Turn off and leave the spices to infuse for 10 mins. Turn the heat back on and bring to a simmer again, pop the gelatine into the liquid and stir until completely dissolved.
Strain the mixture into 10 125mL dariole moulds and pop in the fridge for about 4 hours or better still overnight!
Once set, turn out the panna cottas by dipping the bottom of each mould into very hot water, tip it upside down and give it a little shake and it should slide out…be ready with a plate! J
If you don’t have dariole moulds you can set the panna cottas in glasses…this makes it easy cause you don’t have to worry about turning them out!
This is so yummy!!
Enjoy! xx

This was such an enjoyable event! Would love to say a massive thankyou to all the chefs involved in particularly Anna! If you would like to check out more of their amazing desserts check out their facebook page here


These photos where taken on my Nikon V1