19 August 2012

The Dessert Queen Battle at Burch & Purchese

Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio 
This has to the the mecca for anyone who likes anything sweet!

They have some incredible things....

... Tube Desserts
.... Layered Cakes
.... Eclairs 
...Gourmet chocolates
...And my personal favourite

Salted Caramel


They also have an amazing team headed up by Pastry guru
Darren Purchese...

Check out Burch & Purchese website here

I visited Burch & Purchese whilst in Melbourne for 
the top 50 MasterChef Auditions...

And was absolutely blown away by the shop, the kitchen
and the sweets!

So naturally,
 I managed to find my way back to the shop...
And into the kitchen!
Julia also returned to jump in the kitchen

Two MasterChef Dessert Queens in the one spot!
That could only mean one thing...

Challenge time!

The brief:
Create a delicious dessert canape
to serve to the guests at Burch & Purchese....

My creation...
"Jammy Doughnuts"

Cinnamon Sable
Raspberry Jam
Doughnut Panna Cotta
Dehydrated doughnut

Cinnamon Sable

300g brown sugar
350g plain flour
300g cold unsalted butter
2 teaspoons cinnamon powder

In a mixer with a paddle attachment, on a slow speed, 
mix the flour and sugar together until well combined.
Crumble in the butter and continue to mix until the mixture resembles sand.
Turn out onto a bench top and lightly knead until the mixture comes together.
Roll out to about 3mm in thickness, then pop into the fridge until hard.

Take out of the fridge and cut into desired shapes...
I did circles...
But you could do squares or even ginger bread men shapes!

Pop on a lined oven tray and bake at 170 degrees celcius for about 15mins or until a caramel brown.

For a neat finish, recut your desired shape while the sable is still hot, then leave on the tray to cool.

These are great just as they are or even better with a topping...
In my case panna cotta, but you could do a flavoured cream, jam, ganache....the sky's your limit!

Serve with a good cup of tea..
Enjoy! xxx

Some more pictures of the day....

"Jammy Doughnuts" & "Black Forest Macaron"

"Rex" :)

Got to meet some lovely people Jackie (above) and Nafisa (below) who brought Julia & I
a cool little gift...

A maamoul mould! 

The boys came in for a visit too...
I think they heard that there was a few samplers to be tasted!

Ky was absolutely wrapped to meet the boys :)

So was Ross....

And on the flip side I think the boys where chuffed to meet the girls!

Great day!
For all those that came in 
Was lovely to meet you all...

Make sure you come back again to say hi!

Photos were taken on my Nikon V1