09 October 2012

MasterChef Live

MasterChef Live...

A massive foodie event where exhibitors, chefs and rookie chefs 
(aka MasterChef contestants ha ha)
Come together to have a bit of fun in the kitchen!

The start to my MasterChef Live experience started with a quick dip at Bronte...

Then to work....

Well not really, was just a heap of fun!
For me being able to catch up with other contestants, meet 
some inspiring chefs and be able to teach people how to cook is pretty awesome!

Masterchef Live saw so many cooking demos....

Barilla Pasta

Patisse, Bread making, and heaps more from
other contestants too...

I made my blue cheeses ice cream with Andy...

Doughnuts with Mindy...
Wonton Berry Stack with Adriano Zumbo and Darren Robertson...

Hamburger Spring Rolls with Dan Hong...
Explosive marshmallows with Darren Purchese...

Not all that much cooking really ;)

One of my favourite demos of the week was showing people how to make marshmallows....
This was a component of one of the dishes I made on MasterChef in the dude food challenge.

People get quite daunted when they think of making marshmallows-
They are so easy!
If you have ever made meringues at home, you can make marshmallows!

Lime Marshmallows

150g Caster Sugar
250g Glucose
150g Egg whites
7 Sheets Titanium Gelatine (bloomed)
Zest 1 lime
20mL Lime juice

Icing Sugar to serve

Place the glucose and caster sugar in a pot and heat to 120 degrees celcius. 
In a stand up mixer, whisk eggwhites to stiff peaks.
Slowly string in the sugar syrup with the whisk still on high.
Once it is all in, pop the bloomed gelatine into the hot pot and stir to dissolve.
Add into eggwhite mix. And continue to whisk until the mixture has cooled.

Add in the zest and juice. Pop into a piping bag and pipe onto
baking paper dusted with icing sugar or set into a lined baking tin
and pop into the fridge for 20min or until set.

This is such an easy recipe! Have a go at home.
You can even substitute the lime for other citrus fruits, or even fruit purees
cocoa powder...
Whatever tickles your fancy!

(ps. I still make a bit of a mess...managed to get marshmallow in 
my hair and on the microphone!)

A few more photos...
(more to come as well!)

Thanks to everyone for coming and saying Hi!