26 October 2012

SBS French Radio

Comment allez-vous?

That is about the extent of my French I am afraid....
But I had the absolute pleasure of visiting the SBS French head quarters at Federation Square and
meeting Christophe Mallet, executive producer of the SBS French radio department.

If you would like to listen in to the interview to hear about what I'm up to, some behind the scenes goss on MasterChef
and my plans for the future tune into SBS radio  to have a listen to the interview.
I really enjoyed having a wander around the SBS head quaters- so incredible the number
of languages and culture they accommodate!
You can also check out SBS French radio's Facebook pager twitter

In celebration of all thing French...
Here is a little recipe for 
Pain Pedu
(French Toast!)

300mL Thickened Cream
90g Sugar
Zest half an orange
1 Small loaf Broiche cut 1-2cm slices
Butter & oil to fry
Cinnamon & Sugar to serve

In A deep mixing bowl mix together the cream, eggs, sugar and zest.
Dip the bread into the liquid and leave to soak for about 30s before turning it over and repeating n the other side.
Heat a generous amount of butter along with a splash of oil ( a non fragrant one) into a non stick pan on a medium head. Pop the soaked break on to the pan and cook until golden, flip over and repeat. Once cooked, spindle with cinnamon and sugar and then enjoy!

You could also serve this with Strewed fruits or change the spice that you sprinkle on top.
If you are feeling particularly decadent you could also add some vanilla been ice crew, maple syrup and crunchy bacon (yes that's right!)